Did you ever wonder where you came from?  


These days there are heaps of programs tracking the origins of famous people; genealogy associations provide historical sources for you to investigate; family-tree websites will build your connections; even DNA testing can trace your lineage back to chimpanzees.

We can’t offer DNA testing and we promise anyway, not to advertise your chimp-links if you share them with us. An embarrassing prospect.

This blog aims to help you answer some of the questions for you, for the descendants of James and Charlotte McCoid –  and we welcome your assistance.

They were our ancestors: of the McCoy, Fregon, Soutter, Weston, Roth, Reid, Wilson  families and more….




We believe this may have been the home in Girvan, Ayeshire, Scotland, that Charlotte and James McCoid left to come to Australia.





Eventually Charlotte and most members of her family arrived in far east high country Victoria –  in Ensay, Swifts Creek, Omeo, Glen Wills and more.

We want to build the story and link us all again. The last Family Reunion was in Bairnsdale in 1982, a whole generation back. So, we hope you read this, follow the blogs and connect to us with stories and photos.

Please also visit our family tree being built at MyHeritage. Please email for Membership access to view the entire family tree as it’s progressing. We’re  happy to edit details you request, within the limits of our subscription.