Jennifer McCoy

This website and blog is meant to achieve a number of things: to record our family’s history as it comes to light; to build connections with all the cousins, however distant; and to provide a record for the next generation – before they forget who we were.


Already connections are happening: initially from the save-our-pioneer-graves project, slowly as people begin to follow our MyHeritage family tree and now this blog.

This is not my project alone. Ann (McCoy) Fagan has been involved from the beginning; indeed she’s been collecting family photos and bitsNpieces for far longer than I have.

Neil Bolitho has also joined our team. Just when I’d almost given up on writing this blog, utterly challenged by the technology, I reconnected with Neil via a Facebook group – after 60 years we think. There is a saying, attributed to Buddha, that when the student is ready the teacher will appear. Neil saved the day and this blog: he continues to offer technical advice; he’s located several of the historical pieces on this website and he’s turned many of the snapshots into respectable pictures. You will enjoy his own blogs which complement this one: OmeoGold and The Life and Times of W.A. Kracke

We’d welcome copies of any documents you may have and feel able to share, to help us build our story: letters, postcards, photos, farming documents, business records all have the potential to flesh out experiences beyond the hard facts of births, marriages and deaths.

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