William McCoy 1857-1917

The following information is based on information from the 1982 McCoy Family Reunion and more recent research done by a researcher at the Port Albert Maritime Museum, who provided the Digger data base references that enable access to original certificates in the State Births, Deaths and Marriages: http://www.bdm.vic.gov.au/. The costs of this access have limited my research to all but the most direct McCoy ancestors. If any descendant would like information, please contact me. Jennifer McCoy.

My Gr-Grandfather seems to have been the only sibling with a second name but I have no explanation for that.

Elizabeth Fraser was one of the youngest children of Alexander Fraser and his wife Marjorie McPherson, who arrived in Melbourne on the Glen Huntley on April 17, 1840. The ship was infected with typhoid and Marjorie was quarantined for some time after it berthed near Elwood. There is an interesting book that tells the story of the Glen Huntley, after which Glen Huntley Road and the suburb are named. See. Flying the Yellow Flag by Olive Moore (1990).

McCoid Descendants_William McCoy

For anyone trying to locate where their ancestor is buried, there is a useful site called Carol’s Headstone Photographs. Carol Judd is slowly photographing headstones in Victorian cemeteries and offers the pictures free to anyone contacting her. This photograph of Stella (McCoy) James is from the Learmonth cemetery. See the link below for the full list.

JAMES Stella Mayhttp://www.ozgenonline.com/~Carols_Headstones/